When we use multiple devices in our home such as Television, audio player, video player we need to handle it with their respective remote control. However, a universal remote can handle multiple devices at a time and it is the best solution to control electronic devices. Are you searching to Program Spectrum ur5u-8780l-Twc Remote with your devices?. If so, you can find the program instructions below. The remote codes to program are also listed below. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully and select a code from the code list of your device model’s name. 

How To Get Spectrum Remote Codes for Samsung TV

Codes List of ur5u 8780i Twc

You can search here for the code list of ur5u 8780I TWM. There are many codes available for each brand so, select any one code and enter it. When the code is accepted a light will indicate, if one of the codes is not working you can select another code and try until you get the correct code.

363 , 019 , 692 , 735 , 251 , 175 , 308 , 684 , 143 , 028
Samsung050 , 143 , 229 , 363 , 228 , 515 , 258 , 655 , 333
Toshiba703 , 325 , 230 , 258 , 030 , 007 , 138
Cisco045 , 003 , 046 , 042 , 001 , 041
LG569 , 113 , 284 , 116 , 102 , 143 , 363 , 741 , 112 , 648
Vizio387 , 386 , 624 , 675 , 625
Sony646 , 702 , 001 , 608 , 651

Program Spectrum ur5u-8780l-Twc Remote Auto-Search Method

To program a universal remote with the device. We brought this auto search method. In this method, all the codes are scanned one by one to find out the correct code.

  1. Switch on the device that you want to handle with a universal remote.
  2. Click on the component button, press the select/ok button simultaneously and hold it for 3 seconds. A flashlight will indicate that means your device is in learning mode.
  3. Point the universal remote towards the device and press VOL+/- button. The device will show on or off signals.
  4. Press the Vol+/- button until the device turns off
  5. Press the power button to make sure your device code is selected correctly. Then, the device will turn on
  6. Now, check the keys of your remote control by pressing the volume buttons as it works properly.
  7. TO save the code and press the device button. To confirm a LED will blink twice. Now, You can control your device with a universal remote. 
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