The remote is one of the most helpful devices in the household. If your house has started getting flooded or messed up by the number of remotes you have, then it’s time to program GE Universal Remote Without Codes. You can do GE Universal Remote setup without code in just a few steps.

Nowadays, a device such as TV, the cable box, DVR, DVD player, music players, etc, usually come with their remotes. So it’s quite easy to get messed up and confused about which remote controls what device. A GE 4 device universal remote is a remote control that can turn on and operate any unit of the device or equipment at home. Let us discuss How to Program a GE Universal Remote Without Codes.

How To Program GE Universal Remote Without Codes

To program GE universal remote, you can either directly enter the codes or use the search feature of GE remote codes or brand code search method. Below are the ways for GE universal remote setup without code.

Program a GE Universal Remote by Direct Entering the Codes Method

Step 1.   First, you have to remove the battery cover and batteries to see the model number and label. You can find the GE universal remote code list for your remote model from many websites like Jasco.

Step 2. Enter the suitable code which is given below the GE universal remote codes list and turn “ON” the device (TV, DVD player, DVR, etc.).

Step 3.  Hold the “GE universal remote setup” button for few seconds until the indicator light turns “RED”. Press the parallel device button, such as “TV,” “DVD,” or “AUX.”

Step 4. Enter the code ( It can be either 3-digits or 4-digits).  If the code entered is correct, then the indicator light will turn “OFF”.

Step 5. Press the “POWER” button. If the device turns “OFF”, you’ve successfully programmed that device into the remote control.

Step 6. If not, keep repeating the steps until you find GE universal remote codes that work.

How to Program A Universal Remote to a TV Without Codes- Automatic GE Remote Codes Search Method

You can use the automatic GE tv remote code search if you don’t have access to the specific code for the brand or type of device you wish to control. The GE universal remote can scan the entire remote code list in its database and check several codes at a time. Follow the given steps for GE Universal Remote setup without code using the automatic search method.

Step 1.  Firstly, find the version of your GE programmable remote and turn “ON” your TV or another device that you wish to control.

Step 2.  Press the “GE remote control setup” button for few seconds and then press the alternate device button (TV, DVD, etc.).

Step 3. Press the “POWER” button to turn “OFF’ the device.

Note: If you are using a V2, V3, or V4 remote and programming a DVD player, press “PLAY” and wait for the device to begin playing.

Step 4.  After 2 seconds press the “POWER/PLAY” button again. The device will turn “OFF”.

Note: V2, V3, and V4  remotes will automatically send the command after every two seconds.

Step 5.  Press the “ENTER/ OK” button on the remote to lock up the code.  The indicator light will turn “OFF” if you’ve successfully entered the code.

Why a GE Universal Remote can’t program to a TV without codes?

If you have a GE remote of the old version, then this remote can’t be used for programming your television without codes. In such circumstances, you have to purchase a new model GE universal remote to program your TV automatically. Still, you can use your old model GE remote control for programming your brand TV by entering codes manually.

How will you program a GE Universal Remote to a Sanyo TV without codes?

You do not need any GE universal remote to program your Sanyo TV through the auto code search method. The GE universal remote will check all the remote codes that match with your Sanyo TV and set with the correct code so that you can use the GE remote with that particular device. Check out the auto-programming instructions of your GE universal remote with the TV.

  • First, switch on your Sanyo TV.
  • Then, click the code search/setup button till the indicator illuminates. Release the button.
  • Press the TV button. When you do this, the indicator will flash once and remain lit.
  • Now, you have to press and release the Power key till your Sanyo TV shuts off. Wait for 2 seconds between each press. Then, release the Power key so that the GE remote can find the codes.
  • When the TV turns off, click the Enter/Ok button to save the programming instructions. The indicator light will turn off.
  • Now, you have successfully programmed the GE universal remote to your Sanyo TV without codes.
  • The GE remote control is now ready to use with your brand TV.

In what way can a GE 4 Device Universal TV Remote be programmed without codes?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Make the device on that you want to program.
  • Click on the ‘Code Search’ button on the GE universal remote till the remote indicator lights up. Release the remote.
  • Tap on the appliance button that you wish to program. For example, if you have a television, then press the ‘TV’ button.
  • Hold and release the Power button until your appliance shuts off. You have to wait for 2 seconds between each press of the Power button. Press the button 250 times before the gadget turns off.
  • Finally, click the ‘Enter’ button when the device turns off. This will help to save the code in your GE remote.

Why is my GE universal remote not working?

Your GE remote control may be using shift mode. You have to press and release the Shift or Setup key. After completing this, use the arrow buttons when the red light is flashing. If this technique fails to work out or your GE remote doesn’t have a shift function, reprogram your remote with some other device code.

How do you program a GE 6 Universal Remote Control without Codes?

The user manual given below will help you with the programming steps for a GE 6 universal remote:

  • Make sure that no other devices are on except the gadget that you wish to program.
  • Place your GE remote close to your brand TV or any other appliance that you want to program.
  • Search for the ‘Setup’ key on your GE universal remote. Get the right component button of your gadget and click on it.

How to program a Universal Remote Control again?

You have to press and hold down the numeric button ‘1’ on the remote for 60 seconds. After that, leave the button and wait for about ten seconds. Repeat this method 2-4 times to clear out the remote’s memory. Put the batteries into the backside of the remote control and close with the battery cover. Now, the universal remote control can be programmed.

Summing Up

In the above write-up, we have discussed the method of programming GE universal remote to a TV without codes. We hope that the above-provided information is useful to you.

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