If the remote of your device is not working, and you want to buy a new remote, then make sure to buy a universal remote. The universal remote is going to help you in many ways as it can control your multiple devices with a single remote.

It is something interesting right? If yes, and you want to know more about universal remote then read the complete article.

In this article, you can learn how you should program a universal remote to your Dynex Tv and we have mentioned the 3, 4, and 5 -digit codes for verification of universal remote. I also share how I programmed my Dynex tv without a remote. let us get into the topic

Dynex Universal Remote Codes

Do you want to find out the Dynex universal remote codes? if yes, then check out the complete listing of universal remote codes given in the below table. You may have many codes and try to find out the correct code for a universal remote to program with your device.

3 Digit Universal Remote Codes for your Dynex

If you’re here to find out the correct code then you’re in the right place. In the below section we’ve mentioned the list of Dynex 3- digit universal remote codes, check out all those codes and pick the required code for a universal remote.


4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for your Dynex

With the help of the below table of codes, you can comfortably choose the required code for your universal remote to work with your device. We have got you a complete list of Dynex 4 digit universal remote codes, which will help you to find the correct code.


5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for your Dynex

To program a universal remote with your device you need codes. To help you we’ve listed the universal remote codes in the below section. You just have to Select the needed codes for universal remote to verify with your device to program.


Philips Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV


GE Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dynex TV Remote Codes Directv


Dynex TV Remote Code Dish Network


Dynex TV codes for Spectrum remotes

3 digit code –400 , 167 , 096 , 424 , 415 , 577 , 567
4 digit codes4641 , 1785 ,1182 , 4061 , 2049 , 1280 , 1271 , 4071 , 0463
5 digit codes10463 , 12049 , 11463

Dynex TV Remote Code for Att Uverse


Dynex TV Code for Comcast Remote


Dynex TV Code for Rca Universal Remote

12049 32596

Dynex Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions 

If you want to buy a universal remote for your Dynex Tv and you want to know the programming method with the universal remote codes then you’re at the right place we’re here to help you to find out your universal remote codes easily. you may find that code in the below section.

Set up your Dynex Tv with the universal remote

 We’ve mentioned the three methods to set up your Dynex Tv with the universal remote and those methods are

1. Keycode

2. Programming via Universal Remote Code Search

3. Manual setup

If the code you enter is not responding then try it with another code you can use all the codes one by one and if the entered code is wrong and if still, it doesn’t work, you have to find out the correct code for that you can set up your universal remote to search mode. While selecting the control code use the Emerson brand

Point the remote to your Tv and press the MENU button on the remote.

Select the SYSTEM SETUP, “Remote” “parental, Favs and setup”, and Program Remote.

Switch the TV button at the top of the remote, then press and hold down the MUTE and SELECT buttons. and flash a green color light twice at the remote.

You have to enter the code 10463 an indicates green light flashes twice, which means the remote is ready to program

When you’re done with the above methods, your remote will start to work.

Dynex Universal Remote with Manual Setup

When you find the correct code then you can easily program a universal remote. There are some steps to be taken while programming universal remote with your device and are

Step :1 To start with, TURN ON the device which is going to be controlled by the universal remote.

Step :2 Then, with your universal remote press the TV button

Step :3 Next, you need to press and hold down the SETUP button of the universal remote and it shows a LED light which means the remote is ready to program

Step :4 Enter the codes which you find from the code list.

Step :5 Now, point your remote towards the TV and click the POWER button and the TV will TURN OFF.

After that, the Tv will automatically TURN ON which means you have programmed successfully, and if the code is not working, then try out another code by using the same process.

How to program Dynex TV without a remote

There is a control button in some Dynex TVs, on the side of the Tv which indicates (Menu, volume controls, Input, channel control, and power) to get the correct sources to press long at the Input button and this process will help you to find out your model. To check those buttons on your TV get a copy of the manual. I hope, this will help you.

Is Dynex a Universal Remote

Many universal remote controls can work with Dynex Tv. Since 2007 Dynex has had the same code list and every universal remote cannot fit with every product. For best results, you need a higher-end universal remote control.


Everyone has more than one device in their home to control those devices, a universal remote is the best choice so, with the number of devices you also need a universal remote. The big advantage of the universal remote is when you use one universal remote, you can operate your multiple devices by following the above process. In today’s article, we discussed how to program a universal remote in your Dynex Tv with the codes of three, four, and five Digit.

Hope this will help you to program a universal remote with your Dynex Tv. If you’re still facing any issues, please leave a comment below about your issue, and then we’ll try to solve your issue and also you can operate your TV with your favorite universal remote control. 

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