Panasonic Theater Remote is an elegant and simple-to-use program that enables intuitive control and operation.

Utilize your Android device and your Wi-Fi network to produce personalised sound for Panasonic Blu-ray Disc(TM) Home Theater 2014 models*.

You may observe and feel a range of Home Theater acoustic effects on your Android device via animation. Additionally, Panasonic provides retrospective amplifier actions, emulating the analog feel. The IR remote’s capabilities are accessible with a flick or tap of your finger(s).

What are the Panasonic Home Theater Remote Codes?

If you’re seeking for Panasonic home theatre remote codes, you’ve come to the right place. The full list of codes is as follows:

4 Digit Home Theater Remote Codes (Audio)-


Remote Control Codes (3 Digits) for Home Theaters (Audio)-


How can I program my Panasonic home theatre remote control to work with my television?

Each Device Should Be Programmed

Press the “Power” and “Action” buttons simultaneously on your remote.

Hold the buttons firmly for five full seconds before releasing your grip.

This switches the remote into programming mode. By tapping the device’s first button, you can enter the corresponding code.

How do I use my soundbar remote to operate my television?

From the HDMI OUT output on your soundbar, connect an HDMI wire to the HDMI (ARC) connector on your television.

By pressing Source on the remote or the soundbar, you can switch the soundbar to D.IN mode. After approximately two seconds, the source automatically switches to TV ARC.

How can I activate my Panasonic Soundbar so that it turns on my television?

Step-1 Connect through the optical cable

Step-2 Connect the optical cable to the computer.

Step-3 Ascertain that Auto Power Link is enabled.

Step-4 Switch your Soundbar to D.IN mode.

Make necessary adjustments to the TV’s audio settings.

Step-1 Connect the HDMI ARC cable.

Step-2 Ascertain that Anynet+ is enabled.

Step-3 Switch your Soundbar to D.IN mode.

Step-4 Make necessary adjustments to the TV’s audio settings..

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