Directv Remote Codes for Vizio Tvs & Program Guide -2022

When you purchase an electrical device , you will typically receive a remote control. While this is beneficial, it can become unpleasant if you end up with too many remotes for too many devices. Fortunately, the majority of devices can be controlled via your cell phone. However, what if you could use a single remote to control two devices simultaneously? Today, we’ll examine how to programme a DirecTV remote control to a Vizio TV.

Directv Remote Codes for Vizio Tvs


How to Program the DirecTV Remote Control to the Vizio Television [New Models]?

1. To begin, you may wish to turn off your DirecTV set-top box. This is accomplished simply pressing the power button on the remote.

2. Now, shift the DirecTV remote’s switch to the TV mode.

3. Visit the DirecTV Remote Control Code Lookup page to verify your vizio directv code.

4. You’ll notice a selection of different DirecTV remote models.

5. Simply glance at the top left of your DirecTv remote to determine the model. There will be a model number displayed there.

6. According to the remote model you’ve selected on the webpage.

7. After picking the remote, you will be directed to another page where you can add a new television and a satellite box. Select Add New Television.

8. You can now either type the brand of your TV (in this case, Vizio) or navigate down the list and select the brand.

9. On the following screen, you will be prompted to input the model number of your Vizio television. If you do not know the model number of your Vizio television, simply pick the “I do not know my model number” option.

10. The page will now provide a code or a list of codes for programming your DirecTV remote to your Vizio TV.

11. Simultaneously press the Mute and Select buttons on your DirecTV remote.

12. Maintain pressure on the buttons until the remote’s LED light flashes twice.

13. Now, enter the code that was emailed to you from the DirecTV website. Once entered, you may now use the DirecTV remote to control your Vizio TV. Simply slide the switch to control the Set-top box and you’re ready to go.

How to Program a DirecTV Remote Control to a Vizio Television [Older Television Models]?

1. Turn off the Vizio television. This is critical since it will later determine whether or not the TV will turn on using the DirecTV remote.

2. Now, slide the DirecTV remote’s switch to the TV.

3. Hold down the Mute and Select buttons on the remote control until the remote’s LED blinks twice.

4. On the remote’s keypad, enter 991. Immediately after entering the numbers, hit 1 again.

The final stage. On the remote, press the Channel Down or Channel − buttons.

6. Continue pressing the button until your television turns on automatically.

You may have to continuously pushing the button for an extended period of time. It may require 50 or 100 presses, depending on the age of your Vizio television.

7. Once the television has been turned on, press the choose button. This will now cause the remote’s LED light to blink twice.

8. Press the power button twice after the light blinks twice. You have now configured DirecTv to work with your old Vizio television.

9. Occasionally, the procedure may fail to function properly. Simply remove the batteries and re-insert them in this case. You should be fine.

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