Lg Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote Codes & Setup Methods

As for a good Blu-ray brand, you could say that LG Blu-Ray is one of the best brands out there. Usually, you control the LG Blu-Ray with the remote control that comes with the device. However, if for some reason you cannot access Blu-ray with the remote control that comes along with the device, you can program BLU-RAY with a universal remote control. To use a universal remote control to control your LG Blu-Ray, you need LG Blu-Ray universal remote codes.

In this post, we have listed a large number of LG Blu-Ray universal remote control codes for your LG Blu-Ray device. If one code doesn’t work, try another. The code is usually a 4 digit number.

You need to know how to program your universal remote control to work with the LG BLU-RAY before you can use codes. A Programming Guide for the LG BLU-RAY Universal Remote Control is also listed below.

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Lg Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes-4 Digit


Lg Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes-3 Digit Remote Codes


Rca Universal Remote Code for Lg Blu Ray Player


GE Universal Remote Codes For LG Blu Ray Player


How to Program a Universal Remote Control for Lg Blu-Ray Manual Method?

With the help of the manual search method, we can easily program a universal remote control and the keycode identifies your equipment made and model.

Step 1: Turn on your LG BLU-RAY kit.

Step 2: Press and hold your universal remote control to contact the LG BLU-RAY you want to program.

Step 3: Search the “Menu Option” on your universal remote control. Press “Settings” and “Program the remote control” buttons, then select “SOUND” or other devices you wish to program.

Step 4: If you have done the process correctly, the dim light will blink four times. When appears, choose one of the codes above for your device and enter it. The button light will turn off as soon as you receive the correct code. If not, try another code.

Step 5: Press one of the buttons on the remote control. If it works, then you are following the steps correctly. If that doesn’t work, repeat the steps and try another code.

How to program your LG Blu-Ray using remote code search?

If you cannot find a suitable code for your device at this time, you can set the universal remote control to the correct one in search mode. This is a manual mode code that forces the remote control to search mode

Step 1. Turn on the device you want to program

Step 2. Search  the “Setup key” option on your universal remote control

Step 3. Enter this universal code “991”

Step 4. Press any function button on your universal remote control to control your device.

How To Program LG Blu-Ray universal remote control with auto search:

With the help of automatic search method, all universal remote control codes are scanned on the remote control. The codes are scanned automatically to find the suitable remote control code that works with remote control programming. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1.“Turn on” the smart device as the “television” you want to use with the universal remote control.

Step 2.Turn on the remote control and touch the device button (TV, DVD, CBL and OK / SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED display indicates that the device is ready for programming.

Step 3.Point the remote control at the device/TV and click “CH +” and “CH-” keys. The remote control displays an ON / OFF signal. Press and keep changing  the up or down key repeatedly until the device turns off.

Step 4.Check the code by clicking the On / Off button. The device must be turned on. When starting up, try changing the channel to make sure the remote has been programmed correctly.

Step 5.Now tap on the “Device” button to save the code. The LED of the device flashes twice to confirm the stored code.

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