Do you need Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes? If yes, you are in the ideal place to find out the correct code. Magnavox universal remote is a popular brand. This universal remote can control many electronic devices like TV, audio player, video player, Blu-Ray, etc. To activate Magnavox universal remote on your device, you will need codes. We bring here, Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes. Find out the right Magnavox code to connect it with your favourite devices. In this post, there are many mc345 codes listed. You can select any one Magnavox code that suits the device. 

When you found the correct mc345 codes below the table. Then, you have to enter the key code and to enter the key code you need to follow the program instructions. You don’t need to go anywhere to search for instructions. In this post, we will be sharing program instructions below. understand the instructions and follow them correctly. The programming instructions are simple and easy to proceed with. Use the number pad of the Magnavox universal remote to enter the key code. While programming, be careful and ensure you don’t miss any point of instruction.

After reading the entire post, if you have any issues regarding Magnavox remote codes or program instructions then, write down your problem in the comment box. We will assure, to support us if you need any help. We share everything about the best brand of universal remotes on our website. And complete the procedure. If you need some other brands of universal remote then, you can also search on our website. You can also share with your family and friends if they need any kind of universal remote code list or any brand of program instruction. Let’s check out the code list

List of Magnavox Universal Remote mc345 Codes

The list of Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes is listed below. check out the code list. pick up any one of the Magnavox codes that suit the device. That you want to program and control. The program codes that we have listed here are valid and tested. 

When one of the chosen Magnavox codes is not working on your device. Then, pick up another Magnavox code from the following list. Apply the same method and you can try with all the codes until you reach the right one. 

Brand Code
Sylvania0070 0123 0088 0040, 0114 0091 0059
Hisense0097 0016 0069 0133
LG 0027 0017 0038 0103 0026 0021 0124 0122
Emerson0127 0091 0038 0040 0070 0130 0114 0041 0059
Mitsubishi0038 0129 0128 0131
GE0038 0100 0127 0122 0121 0126
Panasonic0007 0105 0109 0053 0126 0106
Insignia0103 0130 0040 0091, 0074 0069 0120 0094 0089
0040 0110 0058 0018 0091 0123 0115 0086 0126 0116 0044
RCA0126, 0022 0028 0005 0100 0121 0129, 0122 0041, 0083, 0003,
JVC0007 0065 0130 0082 0051 0035
Polaroid0081, 0118 0037 0080 0061 0099 0052 0073
Element0001 0073 0088
Philips0018 0123 0115 0086 0110 0019
Samsung0132 0047 0034 0102 0031 0032 0038 0095 0033
Sharp0129 0107
Sceptre0025 0057 0064 0045 0049
Vizio0046 0104
Sony0030 0029 0043 0101
Sanyo0048 0123
Zenith0038 0043 0130 0100 0041 0058 0124 0103 0039
Westinghouse0127 0046 0112 0049
Sansui0090 0040 0089 0130
Hitachi0039 0111
Toshiba0132 0125 0090, 0053 0108 0092
Viewsonic0008 0096 0054 0062, 0058 0046 0093 0116 0076 0066, 0068,
Proscan0122 0006 0100
Funai0091 0043 0040
Dynex0094 0002 0042
Apex Digital0133 0049 0020 0037
Envision0063 0096 0093 0058
RadioShack0038 0100
Haier0079 0010 0078
Hello Kitty0127
Philco0040 0070 0091 0059 0123
Broksonic0090 0130
Penney0038 0126 0100 0132 0125

Without Using Codes, Here’s How to Program a Magnavox Universal Remote Control

When you choose to perform a search by utilizing the auto search technique, the universal remote will perform a scan of all of the codes on its own throughout the process of scanning. In order to identify the one that should be used for programming, the remote control for the Magnavox television goes through each code in turn. Please adhere to the criteria that are listed below:

• All you need to do is turn on your television or other device.

• Activate the remote and hold down the button for the desired device (TV, DVD, CBL, or OK/SEL) for at least three seconds. When you see the LED light turn on, it indicates that the gadget is prepared to be programmed.

• Move your remote control into position in front of the television and hit the CH+ and CH- buttons. The remote will display on/off signals for the device. Keep pressing the “up” or “down” key until the gadget powers down or shuts off completely.

To validate the password, you must first press the “power” key. Now the power will be supplied to your gadget. As soon as it begins, you should immediately switch the station to check that the remote has been properly programmed.

• By selecting “device” from the menu, you are now able to store the code. The fact that the code is correctly stored will be indicated by the LED Light blinking twice.

Instructions for Programming a Magnavox Universal Remote Using the Manual Method

A universal remote control may be programmed with the help of a keycode, which can also be used to determine the manufacturer and model of the device you are using.

• The very first thing you need to do is “Turn on the gadget.”

• Use your remote control to choose “TV” from the menu.

• To enter “Learning mode,” put the remote control into “Setup” mode by pressing and holding the “Setup” button until you see the “Light Flash” indicator.

• In order to proceed with the programming, you will need to input the Keycode that was provided to you in the instruction manual.

• Once you have completed all of these procedures, just aim the remote control towards the television, press and hold the power button, and continue holding it until the television goes off.

You are all set and will be able to operate the TV from your universal remote control. If it isn’t working, then follow the same process once again, but this time use a different code that is located in the same part of the reference sheet. If it still isn’t working, then it is all set and you will be able to operate the TV from your universal remote control.

How to Conduct a Code Search Using Your Magnavox Universal Remote Control?

You are able to program your remote to look for the right code if you use this approach. You will find a code in the instruction manual that you may type into the remote in order to make it go into search mode.

• Make sure the device is “turned on.”

• Activate the “Setup” menu by depressing and holding the button.

• To gain access, enter the code “9-9-1.”

• While holding down the “Power Button,” push and release the “Channel Up” button in rapid succession until the display reads “Turns Off.”

Using the approach described above may need you to spend some additional time; nevertheless, locating your key code is of the utmost importance. After you have completed the procedures outlined above, you should discover that the remote for your television may now manage all of the capabilities of the device.

How can I connect my TV to the Magnavox universal remote that I purchased?

• After “Switching On the TV,” check to verify whether there are batteries in the remote control.

At least three seconds should be spent with both the TV and SEL buttons pressed and held down simultaneously.

• Simply aim the remote towards the television that has a lighted button (this indicates that the remote is operational and ready to program the television), and input the three or four digit code that may be found in the table above.

If I don’t have the remote, how can I program my Magnavox television?

• To access the television’s menu, press the “Menu” button.

• To traverse the menu, you should now press the “CH+” and “Vol+” keys simultaneously.

• To make a selection, use the Vol+ button.

• To exit the menu, select “Exit” from the drop-down list, and then hit the “Menu” button.

How can I program my Magnavox mc345 universal remote?

• You need to push the button for the code search for about two to three seconds in order to make the LED light flash.

• You should now select the option that corresponds to your device, such as the “TV button.”

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