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Do you need Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes? If yes, you are in the ideal place to find out the correct code. Magnavox universal remote is a popular brand. This universal remote can control many electronic devices like TV, audio player, video player, Blu-Ray, etc. To activate Magnavox universal remote on your device, you will need codes. We bring here, Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes. Find out the right Magnavox code to connect it with your favourite devices. In this post, there are many mc345 codes listed. You can select any one Magnavox code that suits the device. 

When you found the correct mc345 codes below the table. Then, you have to enter the key code and to enter the key code you need to follow the program instructions. You don’t need to go anywhere to search for instructions. In this post, we will be sharing program instructions below. understand the instructions and follow them correctly. The programming instructions are simple and easy to proceed with. Use the number pad of the Magnavox universal remote to enter the key code. While programming, be careful and ensure you don’t miss any point of instruction.

After reading the entire post, if you have any issues regarding Magnavox remote codes or program instructions then, write down your problem in the comment box. We will assure, to support us if you need any help. We share everything about the best brand of universal remotes on our website. And complete the procedure. If you need some other brands of universal remote then, you can also search on our website. You can also share with your family and friends if they need any kind of universal remote code list or any brand of program instruction. Let’s check out the code list

List of Magnavox Universal Remote mc345 Codes

The list of Magnavox universal remote mc345 codes is listed below. check out the code list. pick up any one of the Magnavox codes that suit the device. That you want to program and control. The program codes that we have listed here are valid and tested. 

When one of the chosen Magnavox codes is not working on your device. Then, pick up another Magnavox code from the following list. Apply the same method and you can try with all the codes until you reach the right one. 

Brand of TV
(Device Selection Buttons: TV Button) Codes:
Admiral 0129,0130
Advent 0036
Akai 0102,0117,0034,0090
AOC 0058,0063,0093,0096,0024
Apex Digital 0133,0037,0049,0020
Audiovox 0127,0044,0080,0081,0087,0099
Aventura 0040
Broksonic 0130,0090
Carver 0123
Celebrity 0043
Celera 0037
Changhong 0037
Citizen 0132,0090
Coby 0067,0009,0011,0134,0135,0014
Commercial Solutions 0122,0100
CRAIG 0012,0013
Crosley 0043,0123
Curtis 0015,0023
Curtis Mathes 0100,0123,0127,0129,0132,0034,0039,0041
Daewoo 0127,0041
Dell 0119
Denon 0039
Dumont 0124
Durabrand 0130,0038,0040
Dynex 0042,0094,0002
Electroband 0043
Electrograph 0116
Electrohome 0130,0071
Element 0073,0088,0001
Emerson 0114,0127,0130,0038,0040,0041,0059,0070,0091
Emprex 0060
Envision 0058,0063,0093,0096
ESA 0102,0040,0091
Funai 0043,0040,0091
Gateway 0116
GE 0121,0122,0100,0126,0127,0038
GFM 0040,0070,0091,0000
Gibralter 0124
GoldStar 0038
Haier 0078,0079,0010
Hallmark 0038
Hannspree 0056
Harman/Kardon 0123
Havermy 0129
Hello Kitty 0127
Hisense 0133,0069,0097,0016
Hitachi 0111,0039
Ilo 0059,0070,0072
Infinity 0123
Insignia 0103,0120,0130,0040,0069,0074,0089,0091,0094
Inteq 0124
JBL 0123
JCB 0043
Jensen 0036
JVC 0130,0035,0051,0065,0082,0007
KDS 0061,0073
KLH 0037
LG 0103,0122,0124,0038,0017,0021,0026,0027
LXI 0100,0123,0125,0038
MAG 0061,0073
Magnavox 0110,0115,0116,0123,0126,0040,0044,0058,0086,0
091 0018
Marantz 0110,0123
Matsushita 0106
Maxent 0116
MB Quart 0087
Megatron 0038,0039
Memorex 0130,0131,0038,0071,0089
MGA 0131,0038
Midland 0100,0124,0126
Mitsubishi 0128,0129,0131,0038
Motorola 0129
MTC 0132
NAD 0125,0038
NEC 0084
NetTV 0116
Nexus Electronics 0001
Nikko 0038
Norcent 0133,0058,0063
Olevia 0113,0050,0055
Optimus 0106
Optoma 0056
Optonica 0129
Orion 0130,0042
Panasonic 0105,0106,0109,0126,0053,0007
PARK 0098,0004
Penney 0100,0125,0126,0132,0038
Petters 0118
Philco 0123,0040,0059,0070,0091
Philips 0110,0115,0123,0077,0086,0018,0019
Pioneer 0109
Polaroid 0118,0037,0052,0061,0073,0080,0081,0099
Portland 0127,0041
Prima 0036
Prism 0126
Proscan 0122,0100,0006
Proton 0038
Proview 0061,0073
Pulsar 0124
Quasar 0106,0126
RadioShack 0100,0038
RCA 0121,0122,0100,0126,0129,0041,0083,0003,0005,0
022 0028
Realistic 0038
Runco 0124
Sampo 0116
Samsung 0102,0132,0034,0038,0047,0095,0031,0032,0033
Sansui 0130,0040,0071,0089,0090
Sanyo 0123,0048
Sceptre 0045,0049,0057,0064,0025
Scotch 0038
Scott 0038,0075
Sears 0100,0123,0125,0038,0040
Sharp 0107,0129
Sheng Chia 0129
Signature 0123
Sony 0101,0043,0029,0030
Soundesign 0038
Soyo 0085
Spectroniq 0061,0073
Squareview 0040
Superscan 0129
Supreme 0043
SVA 0133,0091
Sylvania 0114,0123,0040,0059,0070,0088,0091
Symphonic 0040
Syntax 0113,0050,0055
Tandy 0129
Technics 0106,0126
Techwood 0126
Teknika 0123,0131,0132
Telefunken 0034
TMK 0038
TNCi 0124
Toshiba 0108,0125,0132,0053,0090,0092
TVS 0130
Victor 0035
Vidikron 0123
Vidtech 0038
Viewsonic 0116,0046,0054,0058,0062,0066,0068,0076,0093,0
096 0008
Viore 0072,0098,0015
Vizio 0104,0046
Wards 0043,0100,0123,0124,0125,0126,0132,0038
Waycon 0125
Westinghouse 0112,0127,0046,0049
White Westinghouse 0130,0041
Wyse 0058
Zenith 0043,0103,0100,0124,0130,0038,0039,0041,0058

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