Switching between multiple remotes for different devices is a difficult task to handle. Instead of managing various remotes, using one universal remote for all is the best solution.

Choosing a universal remote saves you from handling these remotes and enables you to control your devices without hassle. GE Universal Remote can make this job easy for you. It lets you control your electronic devices of multiple brands like Sharp TV, DVD, VCR, Cable Box, and many more.

You have to program the GE universal Remote with your devices, and you are free to use them. If you own a Sharp TV and want to connect a GE universal remote with Sharp TV, you are at the right place.

This guide will tell you about the different GE Universal Remote Code for Sharp TV and how to program it with your Sharp device easily.

GE CL5 Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide

GE Remote Codes are used to program your remote with devices like TV, DVD, VCR, Cable box, etc. The code is usually a 3,4, or 5 digits figure. GE is a very popular brand that produces universal remote controls. Usually, an electronic device comes with a remote, but if it gets misplaced or damaged, you can use a GE universal remote control. And the GE remote can be converted into a universal remote for Sharp TV via the GE Universal Remote Code list for Sharp TV. 

List of GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

Before checking the steps to program GE universal remote with Sharp TV, find the complete list of GE universal remote codes that you can use to connect Sharp TV with the remote. You have to select one GE universal remote code for Sharp TV and follow the programming manual.


3 digit codes


4 digit codes 


How to Program GE Universal Remote Codes for Sharp TV

Step-1. Firstly, turn on your Sharp TV to connect with the GE universal remote.

Step-2. Select one code from the list of GE universal remote codes for Sharp TV given in the above section.

Step-3. After that, take your GE remote control, press the Code Search Button and hold for 2-3 Seconds until the remote’s LED light blinks and the release.

Step-4. After that, press the device button such as TV on the GE Universal Remote Control, and an LED will blink, indicating the learning mode.

Step-5. As soon as it blinks, choose any code from the above list of GE remote codes for Sharp and enter it into your device. Once you enter the correct GE universal remote code, the light will switch off. 

Step-6. Now, your GE Universal Remote is connected to your Sharp TV. You can test the code by pointing it toward your TV and pressing the on/off button.

Note: If the Sharp TV does not respond to the GE universal remote, then try another code from the list of GE universal remote codes for Sharp TV and try again.

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