What Are the Element TV Codes for Directv Remote & Program Guide

Televisions using element technology can be programmed using the universal remote control. Its programming procedure and codes are simple and easy to comprehend, making it ideal for configuring your television’s remote control.

The Element TV Codes for the Universal Remote code list must be used to configure the remote control.

If you don’t have a user manual, don’t worry; we’ll supply you with a full list of programming methods as well as a code list; all you have to do now is choose the appropriate code from the list to pair your device with the remote control.

List of Element TV Codes for Directv Remote

If you recently bought a universal remote and need the Element TV remote control codes, this website has them listed below.

The Element TV remote control codes are shown below. For each device, we transmitted numerous codes. As a result, if one of the codes does not work, try a different one.


For “Element TV Universal Remote Codes” for “Element TV Universal Remote Codes,” here’s how to do it.

Activate the device you desire to program by first turning it “ON”.

Step 2: Press and hold down the “TV” button on your remote control for a few seconds. After that, press and hold both the “SETUP” and “SELECT” buttons at the same time.

  What Are the Element TV Codes for Directv Remote & Program Guide

Step 3: The “GREEN” or “RED” light will blink twice while you press the buttons to indicate whether you have selected the correct option. The fourth step is to begin.

Make sure the light is still on when you release the “SETUP” button.

Step 4: Keeping the remote control in front of the gadget you’re managing is the fifth step in the process.

Step 5:Using the codes provided below, enter them into the appropriate spaces in Step 6. From the table, you can select any code you like.

Step 6 : The “element tv remote” doesn’t seem to be working, so please try different-different digits codes for it.

Step 7: The seventh step requires you to hold down the “CHANNEL +” and the “TV” buttons at the same time. In some way, your “channel +” will be programmed. So because you do this with every single programming component that you intend to use.

Step 8:Keep holding down the “TV” button for a few seconds to save your codes in Step 8. Both the “GREEN” and the “RED” lights alternately flash twice.